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About us

Creation of the AMIR programme

The AMIR programme was created in 2017 as part of a collaborative process between academia, industry and research organisations in response to a pressing need to develop Europe’s advanced materials recycling capabilities. The AMIR programme combines leading European expertise to deliver a world leading Master programme in the field of Advanced Materials, Innovative Recycling.

Meeting the challenges of the 21st Century

The AMIR Master programme was developed to answer a crucial problem that is facing all major developed economies of the modern world – how do we transition to a green, circular economy that emits less CO2?

One of the key challenges to answering this problem is the vital need to develop advanced processes for the recycling and reusing highly valuable finite raw materials.

The AMIR Master programme came together with a wide range of academic, industrial and research experts to fulfil this need with a curriculum that will educate future international professionals, who will develop new innovative ways to recycle rare materials.

The AMIR Programme Partners

The AMIR programme works in collaboration with 6 leading European universities – University of Bordeaux, NOVA University Lisbon, TU Darmstadt, University of Liège, Polytechnic University of Madrid and the University of Miskolc.

The programme was developed with the aim to bring together Europe’s leading academic experts in the field of materials recycling. This expertise is combined with some of the world’s leading industrial experts to deliver a programme of excellence that is unrivalled in the field.

This combination of academic understanding, industrial experience and research insight has brought together the critical areas of learning that will educate the next generation of materials recycling innovators.

Our student body

The AMIR programme is building a strong network of graduates for the purpose of creating an AMIR Alumni network. As the programme grows, our future aim is to develop an AMIR Alumni network that complements the objective to facilitate career progression of students and young professionals in the market of raw materials innovation and related ecosystems.

Our Alumni events will allow for intensive networking among industry, start‐ups, incubators, young professionals, AMIR graduates and students. Moreover, the AMIR Summer Schools will widen the knowledge and skills being offered by providing additional pedagogical content on industrial and economic intelligence and other complementary tools that will deliver better career prospects for students entering into the market of raw materials innovation.

Speak with our Label Ambassadors from
around the world

If you would like to learn more about what it is like to study on the AMIR programme then contact one of our Label Ambassadors below to find out about their experiences of studying with us. You can alternatively speak with one of our EIT Label team with any questions that you may have on the programme.

Please follow our AMIR Facebook page and AMIR LinkedIn page to keep up to date with all our upcoming events and watch this space for more news coming soon on the formation of the AMIR Alumni network.

Finally, as part of the EIT Label, all AMIR students are eligible to join the EIT RawMaterials Alumni.
This provides a great opportunity to network with past and present participants in the many and varied EIT RawMaterials activities, such as business idea competitions, start-ups, professional development courses and Master’s and PhD programmes.

The AMIR programme partners with a selection of leading European industrial partners that are advancing innovation and technological development in the field of raw material recycling.

The partnership between the academic and real world application allows our students to develop entrepreneurial insight into areas of needed development within the industry.

AMIR year 2017-2018

Nitin Mallik


I am Nitin from India. I have an intense passion for the field of renewable energy and sustainable development.
The AMIR master programme is a great platform for me to expand my horizon in the field of sustainable development, renewable energy and recycling.
I would like to pursue my PhD after the completion of my Master degree.

Yevhen Ablets


My name is Yevhen and I am from Ukraine. I am passionate about doing experiments, curious, open minded person and like to travel and discover new places. I want to make a Ph.D. and become a researcher in sintering of ceramics.

Ricardo Mendez Escobar


My name is Ricardo. I am a Spanish Materials Engineer and I chose AMIR because I want to help to change the unsustainable lifestyle that causes high environmental impacts, without compromising economic stability. When I finish the Master, I want to find a job in an R&D department of an important company that can produce important changes.

Khaled Alabd


I am Khaled and I am currently studying in the AMIR programme, before I did my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering back in my hometown of Alexandria (Egypt). I chose AMIR because I believe in the high potential of the recycling industry to help our community live better by saving the planet and also create more jobs and profits, which makes AMIR the perfect place to start. In the future I want to do my PhD in a related field, then go back to Egypt and start my recycling company and help with making new regulations for the recycling system.

Ben Morgan


I’m Ben, a materials engineering student from the UK. I choose to study the AMIR Master to broaden the scope of my studies into Chemistry, which will allow me to have an understanding of how materials can be manipulated for the benefit of society. Upon graduation I aim to use my chemical and physical matter knowledge to begin a career in sustainability R&D.