Fees and Scholarships

The AMIR Programme welcomes students from across the European Union and the world. AMIR is a world leading programme in the field of materials recycling, but we believe that education should be as accessible to all and we take pride in graduating the raw materials innovators of the future. To achieve this goal we have tried to keep our fees lower than many European Master programmes, and where possible to provide additional scholarship opportunities for students once accepted into the programme.

Programme fees

AMIR annual programme fees are:

    • 2000€/year for European students*
    • 4000€/year for students from the rest of the world**


Annual fees for the new AMIR-EM programme are:

    • 4500€/year for European students*
    • 9000€/year for students from the rest of the world**

NB: EMJM scholarship holding students do not pay these fees


* Denotes students from countries defined by the European Commission as ‘programme countries’

**Students from countries defined by the European Commission as ‘partner countries’

See: https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/programme-guide/part-a/who-can-participate/eligible-countries_en

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master (EMJM) scholarships

The AMIR Master has obtained the EMJM label and funding, meaning we can offer scholarships for 4 intakes of students, beginning this year with the 2022-2024 intake. These scholarships are offered to a limited number of candidates with the highest scores following the written and oral evaluation in the selection process. They can be considered as full scholarships, with the amount being 1400€ per month for the 2 year duration of the programme. This amount is intended to cover all costs incurred by students’ participation in the Master programme (accommodation, travel costs, subsistence costs, materials etc). In addition to this, EMJM scholarship holders do not pay the AMIR fees (detailed above), and are provided with comprehensive insurance for the 2 year duration of the programme.

Candidates should note that Erasmus+ divides the scholarship holders into two categories:

  • Students from Partner Countries (non-EU countries)
  • Students from Programme Countries (EU countries+ Norway+ Turkey+ Iceland+ Liechtenstein+ Macedonia)

75% of the scholarships will be granted to students who are nationals of a partner country.

EIT Label Scholarships

The AMIR Master has again obtained the EIT label for 2021-2022 and can therefore offer EIT label grants to all students who will be selected as part of the 2022 intake (beginning in September 2022). These grants amount to 13,500€ for the duration of the programme, paid out during semesters 2 and 3, and can be used for all costs related to the participation of students in the Master programme.

FIDEX Scholarships

Unfortunately the additional ‘FidEx’ merit-based grants are no longer available. These grants were awarded by the University of Bordeaux’s Excellence Initiative (IdEx) to students having obtained the highest grades during their 1st year at Bordeaux, and were paid during the 2nd year of the programme.

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