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Life after AMIR

Graduates of the AMIR programme will be fully equipped to take on a wide variety of professional roles in the recycling sector, including:

  • Process optimisation
  • Materials design
  • Plant administration
  • Project administration

Skills gained from studying on the AMIR programme are widely required across many sectors, including information and communication technologies, building construction, energy, machinery tools, and mobility. Graduates also obtain the necessary skills and knowledge to set up their own company or work in sales and marketing. Finally, doctoral studies are a further possibility and graduates of the AMIR programme will be fully equipped to enter PhD programmes in the recycling sector to pursue engineering careers or academic research, including those offered in the framework of the European Multifunctional Materials Institute (EMMI).

Job roles

Recycling plant management
Municipal and regional circular economy planning
Materials characterisation
Environmental impact assessment
Feasibility study
Research & Development
Advisory services
Eco-design strategies
Advanced materials elaboration


Recycling and Waste management
Materials science
Chemistry laboratories
(Start-up) Recycling companies
Lightweight design for Aerospace
Energy storage for mobility
Electronics reconditioning and recycling
Venture Capital and Investment Banks (recycling sector)
Governmental services (raw materials, industry, environment) and Intergovernmental organisations (United Nations, European Commission,…)

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